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  • Are you stationery obsessed? We’ve got 20 reasons to prove you are (and we love you for it)
  • Post author
    Ellen Powell
  • Desk LoveStationery

Are you stationery obsessed? We’ve got 20 reasons to prove you are (and we love you for it)

Are you stationery obsessed? We’ve got 20 reasons to prove you are (and we love you for it)

Whether you’re a newly found addict, or the obsession has been looming within you since your primary school pacer training days, we’ve identified 20 reasons that set serial stationery obsesses apart from the everyday “I love a good pen” person. If you can nod to more than 19, we are happy to confirm you have an unhealthily yet oh-so-healthy obsession with stationery – no need to seek professional help, only more of a reason to checkout what’s new from us here.

But, before we get into the nitty gritty, let’s be honest for one sec. There ain’t nothing bad about that feel-good-feeling attained from a freshly purchased daily planner. Am I right, or AM I RIGHT?!

  1. Planning your day in your daily planner is a task all within itself.
  2. Your daily planner is strictly colour coded.
  3. You have a daily planner… E-cal’s just can’t offer that same satisfaction.
  4. Writing lists gives you some false sense of accomplishment.
  5. …In fact you find yourself writing a list to plan your new list.
  6. You practice your handwriting before making that first sacred mark in your new notebook.
  7. Oh, and choosing whether to write in blue or black ink ‘cause there ain’t no chopping and changing here.
  8. Convincing yourself that purchasing new stationery is the key to organising your life.
  9. Completely tearing out a new page in your notebook when you make one small error.
  10. Using the New Year as an excuse to start in yet another fresh notebook.
  11. You believe highlighters and coloured pens actually assist in making your day better.
  12. And then realising that starting a new job also has its upsides… this is a LIFE thing!
  13. That appreciation of a nice, textured paper.
  14. You actually don’t mind that “just-licked-envelope” taste…
  15. And the smell of permanent marker evokes emotions of excitement.
  16. You secretly envy anyone with neater handwriting than yourself.
  17. When you think wrapping Christmas and birthday presents is the best part of giving them?!
  18. And we can’t forget about the satisfaction of executing the perfect wrapping of a rectangular present.
  19. And lastly… having an excessive amount of emotions attached to ALL of your personal stationery, because let’s face it we’re obsessed, so don’t think about stealing that pen of mine, alright!

While some people might think we are strange, or even a little OCD, there really are few finer things then turning the page of a new notebook, cracking open a your favourite pen, and getting down to business! Because who doesn’t love to gaze down and appreciate a perfectly drafted to-do list?! Notebook at the ready ladies – 2017 – and every year after is ours.  

  • Post author
    Ellen Powell
  • Desk LoveStationery