Yeah, 2017 is well underway, but we’ve got 7 tips to staying organised (and sane) this year
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Yeah, 2017 is well underway, but we’ve got 7 tips to staying organised (and sane) this year

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So it’s a quarter of the way through 2017 and you’re sitting at home, watching Netflix, internally freaking out about the endless list of things to do and seriously considering if opting out of adult-hood is an option? Sounding familiar? Well you’re not alone! 

Sometimes life can get so far ahead of us that we feel like we’ve been entered into a marathon and started running the wrong way. But fear not – for here are some sure fire tips to see you making leaps and bounds towards the right route.

1. Start with what motivates you
Often the hardest part of getting on top of the many errands of life, is getting the motivation to do so. So, start with the task that you find most interesting – whether you’re big into grocery shopping or love to meal-prep. Do the task which makes you begin your spare time, on the right foot!

2. Schedule time to de-clutter
What your Mum told you as a teenager is right! Shocker, right? You get more done in an organised environment. So schedule five or ten minutes in the morning to make your bed, organise that mess, and jot down in your planner those few to-do’s that popped into your head the night before. The way our physical spaces are, are an indication of what’s happening internally. Get clear to be clear.

3. Write it down and give yourself (realistic) deadlines
Ever gotten home, knowing you have a mountain of things to do, but you can’t remember a single one of them? Been there, girl. As you think of to-do’s make sure you write them down and give them a deadline! For the jobs you know aren’t urgent, make sure it’s a realistic one – or you’ll get flash backs of that day at university where you had four essays due, a job interview, a bad breakup and your car broke down – and no one needs that!

4. Find ways to make the tedious, terrific!
Hate doing laundry, but love that new Ed Sheeran album? Well honey, How Would you Feel if you could Dive into that boring task but feel so much Happier? Pretty Perfect if you ask me! What Do I know, you ask? Well it’s been proven that music releases dopamine – the feel good chemical in your brain, and can instantly brighten your mood no matter the task! So Don’t feel bad about the boring, just Sing along! But hey, just Thinking Out Loud!

5. Delegate!
Sometimes, it doesn’t have to be all on you! Responsibility can be shared, and it’s okay to ask for help sometimes. The best way to a successful work/life balance is recognising the tasks that you don’t have time to do to your best effort. Whether in the office or out, there are always people there to help you out – you just have to ask!

6. Change your bad habits, and reward yourself for it!
Make the mistake of beginning your day off embracing the couch potato life, or sitting in bed for 45 minutes scrolling through your IG feed when you should have been up already? The week can sure take it out of you, leaving you wanting to curl up in your doona ordering UberEats and ignoring the beautifully organised list you’ve created throughout the week. But unfortunately, how you begin your day is often how you spend the rest of it! Get motivated in the morning and reward yourself once you’ve gotten done what you can.

7. One thing at a time.
When you have a list as long and complicated as Homer’s Odyssey, you know you are going to have a problem. You’re only human! Focus on one task at a time, and acknowledge when you won’t be able to get it all done. Prioritise what needs to be done, and recognise how fab you are for getting what you can out of the way! Tick it off, make a cup of tea, and get onto the next one.

Now you have your tools, it’s up to you to use them. Just remember, you’re capable of doing it all with a bit of positivity, a little of bit organisation and tad more self-reflection - just don’t forget to schedule in some ‘me’ time too!

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