Why Hand-Written Cards Will ALWAYS Top Emails & Texts
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Why Hand-Written Cards Will ALWAYS Top Emails & Texts

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When was the last time you took the time to write someone a hand-written card, as opposed to shooting off a quick text?

We’ll give you three…two…one.

If you’re still thinking about your answer, we’re gonna guess it’s been way too long. At Blushing Confetti, we know all too well the benefits of putting pen to paper – in fact, we thrive on it!

Whether it’s a birthday, congratulations, a thank you, or just because someone you know is flipping awesome, here are a handful of reasons a hand-written card will trump any other kind of message.

A nice card is a cute keepsake

We’ve all got a shoebox somewhere in the depth of our wardrobe, concealing memorabilia we can’t part with – old photos, event tickets, cards and letters. Hand-written cards preserve memories and feelings in a way technology cannot even compare to! Yeah yeah, you can re-read old text messages – but let’s be real, a text message will never look as pretty as a shiny gold-foiled card!

Personal touches never go astray

If you’re a speedy touch-typist, you can likely whip up an email in under a minute. Sure, you might throw in some niceties like ‘hope you’re well’ and maybe an ‘x’ if they’re lucky, but overall, we’d say an email ranks about a 2 on the personal scale.  A hand-written message in a card will connect with their intended recipient on a much deeper level! If you want to show someone you truly care, take the time to sit down and write them a meaningful message in a card.

They feel good, you feel good, everybody feels good!

Scenario: your boyfriend’s parents got you a new salad bowl for your birthday, so you send them a text message to show your appreciation. WRONG ANSWER. If you want to stay in the good books with the in-laws, you’ll send them a thank you card for that salad bowl, no matter how fugly it is.

Not only will the person you’re writing to will feel extra loved, but you’ll feel better for it too! To be frank, we’re not completely altruistic here - there’s a sense of personal gratification that comes from knowing that you made somebody’s day with a cute card! But on top of that, sitting down and writing causes you to take time out to destress and focus on something else. It also boosts your mood, allows you to practice your handwriting, and helps you learn to express your true feelings. Wins all round! 

It’s a chance to unplug…

We’re surrounded by technology these days, to the point where it can be a little overwhelming.  It’s important to shut down and log off once in a while and go back to basics. Taking the time to compose a thoughtful message and put pen to paper allows you to press pause on life momentarily and just live in the present, with no distractions...just you and your thoughts!

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