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  • Top Tips For Staying Motivated While Working From Home
  • Post author
    Ellen Powell
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Top Tips For Staying Motivated While Working From Home

Top Tips For Staying Motivated While Working From Home

Working from home is #goals for many of us. Let’s be honest, any arrangement that allows us to work in our PJs all day, with messy hair, while snacking on a few squares whole block of chocolate without the judging eyes of fitspo co-workers gets one big yes from us.

But when you work from home, you certainly face some serious struggles that regular office workers don’t have to manage! For one, staying motivated ALL DAY is pretty damn hard when no one is checking in with you or watching over your shoulder, making a casual Instagram scroll (or five) all too easy. Distractions are everywhere, making this working from home thing a whole lot harder than it may appear – even if you do get to work from bed.  

So for any gals out there struggling to stay motivated while attempting to get her #girlboss on from her lounge room, here are our top five tips to success.

Find your routine

Humans are creatures of habit, so finding a daily routine that works for you is essential. While this whole work-from-home gig may mean you don’t have to strictly operate between the traditional 9am-5pm business hours, you still need to find eight hours in your day to get sh*t done.  So if you’re partial towards hissing at the sunrise and early morning meetings are your idea of hell, why not try starting work at 10am? Being a total night owl, we bet you’d love the later starts and finishes - 5pm always seems too early to finish work, right?  On the other hand, if you’re someone that has showered, had breakfast, caught up on your Facebook notifications AND checked your emails before the sun is even up, maybe give starting work at 7am a go and knock off earlier.

Make a to-do list

Regardless of how organised you are as a person, when it comes to work matters, a plan is always better than no plan. You may even be pleasantly surprised with how much easier it is to stay motivated when you have one. So take some time out at either the start or end of your week to look at what jobs you have to do. Start a list with jobs that absolutely cannot wait right at the top, and ending with those that could be delayed if you find yourself super busy. And voila! Let the rush of ticking things off your to-do list fuel your on-task-ness (yes we know that’s not a proper word). You can thank us later.

Take regular breaks

Whether you’re working from your desk, the couch, your kitchen table, or the bedroom floor, taking time out from your laptop screen is essential if you want to maintain both your sanity and motivation when working from home. If a 10 minute mindfulness session isn’t your idea of a break, go put on a load of washing, clean the floors, or empty the dishwasher that’s stayed full for two days while dishes pile up in the kitchen sink. You’ll feel productive while you do it, and ready to power though the rest of your work for the day, eye-twitch free.

Stay active

As we all know, regular exercise is great for about 629,815 reasons, including our brain functionality and stress levels, making it perhaps more important to stay active when your stress levels are skyrocketing and that wrinkle between your eyebrows has officially taken up residence on your face. No matter how big the to-do list you’ve made is, take a break and head to the gym for a quick HIIT sesh, or even just go for a walk around the block. Those biased towards staying home and shielding the general public from their dark eye circles can even squeeze in 30 minutes of yoga or pilates at home thanks to Youtube’s tutorials for anything and everything. Just get your booty off a chair for something other than a bathroom break or a trip to the fridge, okay?

Avoid the television at all costs

While I’m sure the majority of us can safely agree daytime television is not something any of us enjoy (other than The Ellen Show, of course) it is surprising how easy it is to be distracted by whatever lunchtime cooking show is airing. One minute you’re on a roll with important work related tasks, the next you’re watching someone cook gourmet dinners, realise you’re starving, and are off to the local café for the lunchtime feed you suddenly found yourself craving. So if you’re the need-background-noise-while-I-work type or just cannot bear working in silence, do yourself a flavour, oh we mean favour by flicking on Spotify instead of Jamie Oliver.

Help us help you!

Like we said, prioritising your daily tasks is an absolute must when working from home. So because we know you want to do so in style, we’ve got some gorg planners and agendas to help you be the organised lady you were meant to be, right here.

How do you like to stay focused and make the most out of working from home? Let us know in the comments below.

  • Post author
    Ellen Powell
  • adviceagendasblogBlushing ConfettiConfetti Filesplannersplanningstationerytop tips

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