BC takes NYC - Top 6 Places To Eat in New York
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BC takes NYC - Top 6 Places To Eat in New York

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Just in case you don’t follow us on Insta (that’s @blushingconfetti for those playing at home), we’re currently in New York for the National Stationery Show. We’ve had some looong days of setting up our booth, talking to only the very best in the biz about our new collection, packing up, and showing New York what we’ve got, and it’s been amazing in every sense, but the whole time we had three things on our mind: food, food and food.

The streets of the Big Apple are jam-packed with drool-worthy food haunts whose offerings are so Instagrammable you won’t be able to resist hashtagging #foodporn over and over again. But NYC is a pretty big city, it can be a lil’ overwhelming, and we get that you may not know where to start.

Because we are great like that, we decided to do the research for you, so without further ado here are our top six places to eat in New York.

Warning: content from herein may be preserved as food-porn.

Two Hands

164 Mott Street

If our diet consisted of unlimited avocado toast and acai bowls, we’d be pretty happy TBH, especially if it meant we got to eat brekky at Two Hands every morning. Frequented by beautiful people who love beautiful food, you’ve probably seen this gorgeous café pop up in your feed more than once. We figure if the dishes look like works of art, you can’t go wrong… not to mention the fact that everything on the menu tastes amazing (we’d know because we may or may not have order more than one thing).



30 West 24th Street, New York, NY 10010

Tacos. Need we say more? Tacombi, in Nolita, is the ultimate taco hotspot in NYC. Pop in to enjoy a sangria and tacos as they should be. Decked out with a trendy, Mexican street kitchen atmosphere, you’ll hardly believe you’re in the heart of New York. The tacos are made in a converted VW kombi van. It’s legit.



448 Lafayette Ave (at Franklin Ave), Brooklyn

If you dough-nut love doughnuts, soz, but we can’t be friends. Perhaps a trip to Dough will convince you? These aren’t just any old doughnuts… these Latin-American inspired circles of doughy deliciousness are freshly-made on the daily and will without a doubt surprise and delight your taste buds, with flavours like chocolate chipotle, tropical chilé, passionfruit and dulce de leche. Sounds kinda weird at first, we know, but trust us… your mind will be blown.


Shake Shack

409 Fulton Street (between Willoughby Street & Adams Street)

The Statue of Liberty is great and all, but it’s got nothig on the Shake Shack. Your NYC to-do list HAS to include devouring a burger and cheesy fries here - it’s a non-negotiable! It’s 100% worth the queue for one of the best, if not THE best burger on the planet. We bet you’ll love it SO much, you’ll be back for more.



Rubirosa Ristorante

235 Mulberry Street

What kind of foodie hit-list would this be if we didn’t include Italian food? New York is renowned for delish pizza and pasta, and we think Rubirosa is one of the best. When it’s constantly bustling with locals and tourists alike, you know it’s the real deal. Make sure you come with an empty stomach, ‘cause you’ll want to order one of everything on the menu. 


Russ and Daughters Cafe

127 Orchard Street

The Russ and Daughters Cafe is an extension of the world-famous store that has now been open for over 100 years! This lush lil’ spot is the perfect place for any occasion – brunch, lunch, snacks, dinner, cocktails…you name it, they do it, and they don’t just do it…they nail it! This place is what dreams are made of.

This may just be us scratching the surface here, because like most amazing capital cities around the world, this place is full of non-stop eating spots.

Where are your top places to eat in the Big Apple? Let us know in the comments below!

BC xo.

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