The Ultimate Mother's Day Gift Guide
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The Ultimate Mother's Day Gift Guide

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Despite the fact that it happens every single year, Mother’s Day pops up and we collectively gasp in shock horror – it’s surely not May already!? Willfully unprepared for a day which celebrates the most patient, unwavering source of warm fuzzies in our lives, we resort to last minute gifts too cliché to bother mentioning. Let’s just say, you’re fooling anyone with the unwrapped box of supermarket chocolates!

If you’re feeling a twang of anxiety rise in your gut – please resist the urge to have a public breakdown and read on. While it’d be mission impossible to locate something as pure as your mother’s love, we definitely have a couple ideas you’re more than welcome to claim as your own. We won’t tell. X



Cheeky Greeting Card

Didn’t your mother ever teach you to open the card first? Not only is it polite, but when you get a card that looks this good she will be dying to open it! And to be honest, it took your Mum nine months to bake you so the least you could do it take the time to write her a heartfelt card to tell her just how grateful you are for putting up with your sh*t. A few of our favourite cards include; Love you Mum, Helluva Lady, I Love the Shit Out of You, Thank you for putting up with me and The Bee’s Knees.


Mini Notes

No doubt about it, mums are total #girlbosses which is why they would absolutely love this cute notebook duo.  Perfect for mums on the go as they can slip it in their handbag when running errands or into meetings – she is sure to think of you every time she reaches for them!


Not that you ever really need a reason for new homewares, but this is a no-brainer for mamas. There’s truly no better feeling after a tough day than coming home to fresh bedsheets, new bath towels or even a pretty new couch pillow! Check our Adairs for some inspo!



A5 Notebook Set

You’re numero uno lady wouldn’t have gotten to where she is today without the help of an impressive collection of notebooks. While she plays it off as just ‘an above average memory’ we all know these pages hold all the answers. Whether it’s a grocery list, a reminder, a funny idea or a recipe to slay, mum’s the word.


Funky Earrings

She has probably been eyeing off your sweet earring collection for months now, she might have even asked to borrow them for events so why not treat her to a set of her own! The best part about this gift is that you can spend as little or as much as you choose however, we should warn you… once you start searching on Etsy be prepared to lose up to three hours of your life scrolling and adding to cart (you have been warned).

Add your name to our little black book for sweet somethings & cheeky peeks of the newest paper delights.

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