The Blushing Confetti Gift Guide That Has Every Type of Friend Covered
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The Blushing Confetti Gift Guide That Has Every Type of Friend Covered

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Happy World Friendship day! To celebrate, why not give your bestie something to let them know how appreciated they are! Something we’ve all learned over the years is that gift-shopping and giving is a fine-tuned art. Nothing feels quite as awkward as seeing someone open your gift and feign a weak smile…it’s even worse when they’re terrible at hiding their disappointment! As tricky as it can be to get the perfect gift for each of your friends and their unique quirks, Blushing Confetti has got something for everyone! Even if they’re fussy as heck…they won’t be able to say no to something that’s equal parts pretty and practical.

The Traveller

We’ve all got that one friend who’s constantly travelling and jetting off to a new destination what seems like every month (and they’ve got the Instagram feed to prove it!). Instead of getting them something that will probably end up gathering dust at home, why not give them something they can take with them and put to good use on their travels? Our travel journal is the perfect addition to your wanderlust-filled friend’s suitcase! They can document each of their whirlwind travels, store souvenirs and mementos from their trip, and plan their trip along the way with a bucket list for each spot. The journal has a beautiful denim linen exterior, and is just as pretty inside with stunning photographs that are sure to inspire their next trip! It’s also the perfect size that it won’t take up too much precious room in their baggage, but big enough to fit all the memories and moments they desire.

The Procrastinator

Okay, so who isn’t guilty of a bit of procrastination from time to time? We reckon everybody could use one of Blushing Confetti’s amazing to-do lists or planners, but especially that one friend who constantly needs a kick up the butt! They’re the ones who deserve a not so subtle hint to get their sh*t together, and the prettiness of a Blushing Confetti planner is sure to soften the blow. They’ll be brimming with motivation and have their life organised in no time – and that means more time to hang out with you!

The Boss Babe

Whether she’s a girl boss or a self-professed workaholic, we’ve all got that friend who’s a straight hustler.  While she may not need any encouragement in the “get sh*t done” department, she probably does need something to help keep her busy days organised. Our notebooks are perfect for any working lady, whether it be for on the go or a work desk staple, and you’ll find something for everyone in their range of beautifully illustrated covers.

The Social Media Junkie

For the friend whose face seems to be perpetually glued to their phone’s screen, give them something they’ll get use out of and joy from on the daily! Although they don’t need any more reason to stare at their phone all day, a pretty phone case is bound to make their scrolling escapades more enjoyable. We’ve got a gorgeous range of The Dairy phone cases with unique illustrations on offer that’ll make them proud to whip out their phone! They’re also super protective with a hard exterior and rubber inset, because let’s face it, this friend is probably the one most likely to drop their phone!

The Joker

A good friendship isn’t complete without a bit of sassiness, right? Blushing Confetti has a great range of greeting cards for every occasion, every friend and to complement every gift! Don’t let their prettiness fool you, you’ll be sure to find a Blushing Confetti card with a slogan that perfectly matches even your most cheeky, sassy and sarcastic of mates. 

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