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  • How to write a greeting card message that will knock their socks off!
  • Post author
    Ellen Powell

How to write a greeting card message that will knock their socks off!

How to write a greeting card message that will knock their socks off!

Raise your hand if you get all weirded out when it comes to writing in a greeting card? Beside the fact that you’re preaching to the wrong choir here, as cute greeting cards are our guilty pleasure, we thought being the blushing babes we are we’d help a sister out. Because, we know all too well how challenging it can be to craft that perfect-not-so-soppy message. It’s a fine art if you ask us, but one anyone can master (just like drinking aged wine, really well).

Apparently, something crazy like 6.5 billion greeting cards are written every year – and that’s in America alone. Can you imagine how many, “Dear Jonny, Happy Birthday, Love Aunt Susan” are out there? We mean, come on, get a little creative people….

Writing a greeting card can either be a hidden curse or a blessing in disguise. When a blank page is staring you straight in the face, it’s hard to gather up the right sentiment or words – especially if the card is for a distant relative, or the wacky aunt you haven’t spoken to in 10 years. Whether it’s a birthday card, Christmas card or simply for a special occasion, it’s just one of those things that a person either loves to write or simply dreads.  

Let’s be frank - we all need a little help when it comes to constructing a thoughtful, sweet message for our loved ones. We, at Blushing Confetti, present to you 3 simple tips that will help you create the perfect greeting card message for any occasion. Pens at the ready…

Make it personal:

The best greeting card messages are the ones written with a lot of love. A personal message goes a long way, and cards are all about making someone feel special! It doesn’t have to be a novel, just a few sentences to say congratulations on achieving that thing they’ve been working hard on, or how much they really means to you. If you are writing to someone you have a close bond with, go that extra mile and make it count… put a little effort in to show them just how much you care. After all, effort is the best indicator of interest.

A compliment never hurt anybody:

Making somebody feel special is easier with a compliment! Every woman loves a good, empowering “You are amazing babe, you really are!”, or just some general “You’ve Got This!” talk here and there. In fact, men cannot resist a cheeky lil’ compliment either – they just tend to keep it more of a secret than us ladies do (read: men are from mars women are from venus). It’s the simple things that count really - I love your smile; you are a great friend; see you at mine later tonight *winky smiley face*. We can promise you that a little ego boost written will go a long way, no matter how short.

Steer clear of the obvious (i.e. the boring stuff):

Finally, be CREATIVE! Your card does not need to follow a boring structure or generic outline. It can be written however you wish, and the best ones are usually the most unique. Of course, if it’s simpler for you, an outline can help – but don’t be boring! Be inventive and fun with what you say. 

The bottom line is, your greeting card doesn’t need to be something you dread every time Christmas comes around or your relatively close (but not-so-close) friend has a birthday. Keep it simple, keep it personal, and make it count with a lil’ bit of love!

  • Post author
    Ellen Powell

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