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  • A Daily Planner vs. iCal: Why a physical to-do list is better than a virtual one
  • Post author
    Ellen Powell

A Daily Planner vs. iCal: Why a physical to-do list is better than a virtual one

A Daily Planner vs. iCal: Why a physical to-do list is better than a virtual one

The old adage that an organised desk mirrors an organised mind is basically the old version of saying if your iCal isn’t highly functioning, then you definitely don’t have your shit together, or if you haven’t got your iCal synched with your BF, are you even in a real relationship?

For anyone who’s ever been let down by technology, or prefers their month to not be displayed as a mess of looming circle engagements, we’re here to tell you there’s method to your madness – we too prefer a physical planner that gets us excited about our to-do list! If you’re like us and find virtual to-lists slightly anxiety-inducing, or plain right uninspired, read ahead and join our (not-so) secret support network for likeminded physical planning enthusiasts on Instagram at @blushingconfetti

Physically writing things down, can create stronger memory retention
The practice of physically making notes of things to-do has been proven to be more effective than the use of Apps. The act of grabbing a pen and just writing it down engages the part of our brain that relates spatial relations with information – strengthening the process by which our memory retains information. So when you write down that list of chores on your stylish new notepad (wink wink, nudge nudge), you’re more likely to actually remember it, and make an action.

Customisable to your own way of planning
Everyone is different in how they plan and keep on top of their hectic schedules. When using an App, you’re limited to the style in which the application was designed or laid out. When using a planner, you’re able to design a way to get organised that suits you individually. If using colours, sticky notes, or drawing pictures keeps you engaged with the ever-growing list of things to do (yawn) – then you can go ahead and get as creative as you like. Long story short, it quells individuality and makes us sad. Pretty papers = happy planning.  

When technology fails
Nobody likes to talk about disasters, but sometimes, your phone battery will die (be strong). Your laptop will stop working, or you will drop your iPad for the 100th time, but now the screen smashes and you’re instantly without all those critical list-information and a $330 bill. So, imagine if that was to happen, but being the pen-to-paper kinda gal you are, your handy list is still intact (as is your sanity) to keep you on track? It’s just smart.

So there you go folks. Wondering why you forgot all of the to-do’s you added into your phone that time? It’s because you didn’t write them down.

Got some handy hints as to how you keep on top of your own to-do lists? Leave a comment below and we will test it out!

  • Post author
    Ellen Powell

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