5 Ways To Ask Your Besties To Be Your Bridesmaids
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5 Ways To Ask Your Besties To Be Your Bridesmaids

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Congratulations – you’re getting married! There are so many things to start getting excited about, but sharing this experience with your loved ones is probably the most exciting part of it all. Having your closest friends alongside you on this journey is so important! They’re a support system during hectic wedding planning, they’ll keep you grounded when you inevitably turn into a bridezilla (hey – there’s no judgment here!), and most importantly, they’ll be there on the day to help you party the night away. So, with your leading ladies in mind, it’s now your turn to propose. Being a bridesmaid or maid of honour is no easy feat, so we’ve come up with a few proposal ideas that she won’t be able to say no to!

1. Pack her a gift box

Spoil your besties with a gift box filled to the brim of things she’ll be sure to love. The beauty of the gift box is that you can fill it with whatever you want! Things she loves, things that remind you of your friendship, or just plain go all out and spoil her with something she’s always wanted! Some gift ideas include a bottle of champagne (because this is certainly an occasion worth celebrating!), a few sweet treats, a candle, beauty bits or maybe some jewellery. It’s what your gift is packed in though that is arguably most important! Make your gift really stand out with one of our luxe bridal boxes which will do the asking for you. You can also choose to add tissue paper, confetti and/or a Blushing Confetti card.

2. Customise her something cool

Who doesn’t love a customised item? There are so many places that now offer a plethora of items that you can write a personalised message on (Etsy is a great starting point!). Whether it’s a candle, bottle of wine, tote bag, or even a nail polish, she’ll be sure to appreciate even the tiniest personalised touch. Bonus points if it’s something she can keep and treasure for years to come!  

3. Send her a balloon she won’t be able to ignore

Love is in the air – both literally and figuratively! Ask her to be your bridesmaid with a giant confetti balloon delivered straight to her door. Big and bold, this balloon is sure to surprise her and make a statement she won’t be able to ignore. It’s a way of asking that’s sure to bring a smile to her face every time she sees it (which will be for a while because these guys stay afloat for weeks!). A range of large helium balloons will be coming soon to Blushing Confetti, so keep an eye out! It’s certainly one way to pop the question!

4. Feed her

They do say, after all, that the way to the heart is through the stomach…right? Whether it’s whipping up some baked goods in the kitchen (she’ll appreciate the effort!) or taking her out to a nice meal, treat her with her favourite food! Or you can go all out and get her something a little more extravagant… How about a cake, or customised cookies or marshmallows with her face and the winning question on it?! And before they hold their bridesmaid bouquets, they can practice with an edible arrangement. With a full stomach, there’s no way she’ll be able to say no!

5. Spend time with her doing things you love

The only thing more valuable than a special gift is spending quality time with your bridesmaids-to-be. Why not make an event out of your bestie-proposal by taking them out for a spa-day, beach trip, champagne brunch or maybe a night out on the town! If they’re creative, maybe organise a workshop or a sip and paint class. Get together for a day of activities you gals love doing together, and they’ll no doubt appreciate the thought and time spent together!

No matter what way you ask, make sure she feels special and loved because undertaking bridesmaid and maid of honour duties is no small task! This is just the beginning of the journey to your wedding, and having your closest friends with you every step of the way will just make the experience all the more special, exciting and filled with love!

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