5 Must-Read Books This Winter (or for wherever you may be)
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5 Must-Read Books This Winter (or for wherever you may be)

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Just like we love writing, we also love reading. Well, the two go hand in hand after all! And one of the benefits of these colder months is the free excuse to curling up to a good book. Look, don’t get me wrong, us gals at BC HQ love a night out on the town as much as the next person, but there’s just something about the perfect night chillin’ at home, rugged up on the couch with a good book in one hand and a bottle glass of wine in the other.

So, whether it’s winter reading or summer reading (if you’re lucky enough to be jetting off to the Euro sun), here are the five must-reads we can’t get enough of right now.

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck – Mark Manson

You’ve no doubt heard the phrase “live, laugh, love” once or twice before. We have one word for this: lame. Mark Manson cuts through the crap to show that we don’t have to be “positive” all the time to become better, happier people. Instead of turning lemons into lemonade, Mark teaches lessons of how to stomach lemons better. The main thing is, you’ll realise what you should actually be giving a f*ck about. 

Work Strife Balance – Mia Freedman

In a world where we are bombarded with #couplegoals and how #blessed people are and all that jazz, it’s easy to feel like your life is nowhere as together as it should be. Our leading lady Mia Freedman gives a big ol’ high five to the guilty friends, bad mums, rebellious daughters and anyone who’s had one misadventure or another.  We guarantee you’ll be able to relate, and take comfort in the fact that most people are giving this whole ‘life’ thing a go and hoping for the best!  Now that’s something we can sign up for.

Textbook Romance – Zoe Foster-Blake

Our spirit animal Zoe Foster-Blake is here to save us all from blindly navigating through the world of dating and relationship. One for every gal to add to their reading list, Zoe dishes out clear pieces of advice on clever dating and how to build not necessarily the perfect relationship, but YOUR perfect relationship. She tells it like it is, with all of the laughs on the way.

Buddhism for Breakups – Meshel Laurie

“Break-ups are so much fun!” said no-one, ever. Funny lady Meshel Laurie draws on some Buddhist philosophies to show how, interestingly, Buddhism can be the ultimate remedy for a broken heart. Teaching readers how to see things clearly and embrace change in order to heal, if you feel you need to be transported into a state of Zen, you need this book in your life.

Get Your Sh*t Together – Sarah Knight

We’ve all had our stages of being a hot mess, but now it’s time to stop whining and start winning! Sarah Knight is here to kick your butt into gear and help you not just set goals, but freakin’ SMASH them. Make this book your new BFF and you’ll have your sh*t together, one page at a time.

As lovers of fine paper delights, we’re equally partial to a great book. Have we convinced you to add one or all of these to your Amazon shopping list?

Got any other must-reads of late? Share them with us below!

BC xo

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